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Breeding, trade and sport stable for quality horses

Stal de Pluum has been involved in the breeding and training of quality ranchers and ponies for many years. Every year an average of 20 foals are bred from our domestic and foreign lines. This allows us to find talented sport horses / ponies of almost all levels and ages.

On our site you will see a selection of our horses / ponies, you are looking for 1 or more specific horses, please send an email to info@staldepluum.nl.

Featured horses


Wubbo is a 7-year-old gelding Currently performing at 1.20m level. He has a winning mentality and high potential for the sport!


Worella is a 3-year-old mare. She is currently trained with lunge / saddle. Shows already as a strong mover and jumper!


Lombardino, 8 years, black and beautiful. Performing in 1.20m.

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