In the months of March to November, Stal de Pluum has free internships for motivated and eager students of animal care (any experience with horses is required), or student from special horse education courses.

On our versatile horse riding company there is a diversity of activities that you can make your own, including…:

Learn what comes with it when a mare needs to give birth
Learning to deal with young horses and ponies
Care and grooming of horses and ponys (preparing for competition)
Riding horses and ponies*
Assistance with farrier
Assisting veterinarian during the mating season
depends on the level of the student

Under supervision you will get acquainted with almost all facets of horse husbandry. Depending on your level and experience, you will be able to carry out some activities independently.

We are a recognised training company and in possession of the Safe Horse Sport Certificate.
Internal is not possible.

Send an email with motivation and your learning goals to

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