Crystal Blue

Gender: mare
Height: 1.70cm
Sport: dressage, jumping
Studbook: Rheinisches Studbook
Year of birth: 2006

Crystal Blue *hauptstutbuch* is an imposing mare with an very agile body. Although she is bred as a jumper, she surprises everyone with her amazing moves. As her pedigree suggests, she is also a fantastic jumper.

Daughter of the very strong and unqiue mare Pacific Blue (Polydor), who has been active in breeding to 22 (!) years of age.

Crystal already got one son, Magister -M1 drs (Master Speaker XX) and three beautiful daughters of Wilfred. * 2015 Water Blue (photo 3), * 2016 Wallowa Blue and * 2017 Wolga Blue (photo 4).
For 2018 pregnant of Lyon (Lord Argentinus x Lex Lugar x Couleur Rubin).