Gina Ginella

Gender: mare
Height: 1.65cm
Sport: dressage, jumping
Studbook: Rheinisches Studbook
Year of birth: 2005

Gina Ginella *hauptstutbuch* is an allround mare with super movements full of strength and great jumping skills. She gives her talents to her children.

Daughter of the unfairly unknown Gino Ginelli (Graz x Alpenkoenig XX x Pepin Le Bref XX). This unique stallion has had an admirable career. In dressage he performed at ZZZ level and he also jumped at 1.45 m level.
Mother Pagella II also deserves praise… She brought us horses as Ramesse (approved in the Czech Republic), staatsprämie- and starmare Giona (Full sister Gina Ginella), star mare Stella, verbandsprämie mare Ugella (mother of the international showjumper Corbusier (1.60m under Christian Rhomberg) and Wundella (1.30m).

*2017 Mina Minella ♀ (Diamant de Landor). For 2018 pregnant of Levisonn (Levisto Z x Lennon x Roman).