On October 4th; you give your dog a nice bone, your cat a new toy or your rabbit a big hug. It is the national animal day.

Why is Animal Day on 4 October?

In 1929 a big meeting was organized in Vienna by animal protectionists from around the world. During this meeting they talked about important ideas to stop animal abuse.

Another subject at the meeting was a letter from the Czech Mrs Winter. In the letter she proposed to set up one day a year to think of all animals on the earth. The animal protectors in Vienna found Mrs Winter’s plan very good. Then only a date had to be devised for this animal day.

Day of death of ..
The animal protectors opted for the 4th of October, the death day of St. Francis of Assisi. This Franciscus was among other things the saint of plants and animals. According to a legend, he once held a church service for animals. Not a crazy choice!

Since the big meeting of animal protectionists in 1929 we celebrate every year on October 4th animal day!